Tribos was born in the world’s harshest environment. Developed
originally by Tribos management and Dow Corning to protect the
exposed surfaces of Superyachts, in their daily battle against
damaging UV and corrosive salt seas.


Having become the leading supplier of Superyacht protective coatings, delighted Superyacht customers, many of whom also own business jets, asked if Tribos could also protect their planes’ paint and glass surfaces.

From the Dassault Falcon Jet, to the Lear Jet, or even the Norwegian Coastguard Helicopters, Tribos also extended its reputation as the leading paint and glass protective coating into the aviation market.


Tribos was asked to take part in a “shoot–out” by Nissan Technical Centre Europe to find the best and most effective paint protection for the Nissan GT-R. Having completed their testing, Nissan produced a brochure which declares Tribos to be “THE WORLD’S MOST DURABLE PAINT AND GLASS COATING FOR YOUR NISSAN”.

Recently Tribos was chosen by Kia Europe to supply its leading glass protective coating to Kia dealerships in 28 countries. Tribos is proud to be working with Kia Europe.

Today Tribos supplies and works with most automotive manufacturers and their dealerships somewhere in the world. The heritage of the Tribos products, nurtured in the marine and aviation environments, is the reason why Tribos has become the international brand recognised for strength and integrity in the protective coatings market.