International car manufacturers continue to recognise the unmatched qualities of TRIBOS, the world’s most trusted paint, glass, alloy and fabric protection system.

Increases depth of colour and shine
Protects against UV, exhaust stains, fuel spills, birdlime, salt
Backed by a genuine guarantee
Proven in the world's harshest environments - Marine and Aviation

A hydrophobic barrier that seals and protects all glass surfaces
Keeps glass cleaner and clearer for increased visibility and safety
Protects against glass degrading over time
Reduces wiper wear and judder


An ultra-hard ceramic coating
Resists brake dust, oil, tar and all general road contaminants
Makes cleaning so easy the dirt just falls off with a light washdown
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A high performance, hydrophobic barrier for interior vehicle fabrics
Engineered to resist most liquids and stains
Gives you extra time to clean off spills and dirt
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