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Tribos & Kia Europe Announce New, Long-Term Agreement

The KIA Better View treatment is achieved by applying the TRIBOS glass coating to the windscreen and other windows of the car. This unique application process creates a high performing hydrophobic protective barrier on all windows, which in turn ensures that the glass stays clearer and cleaner for longer, enhancing all around visibility, and making driving safer for KIA customer drivers and passengers alike.

This safety improvement is especially noticed and appreciated while driving in darkness and or in rain! Raindrops on TRIBOS treated Better View glass has a significantly decreased contact area than untreated glass therefore water is thrown off the windscreen more quickly. In potential traffic accidents, this improved visibility has been shown to improve the average reaction time of drivers by more than a second* and can make a difference between a near miss and an accident.

This amazing safety enhancement is offered not only to new cars in the showroom but also to used cars returning for service and can even be done by customers keen on DIY at home.

* Study into The Influence of hydrophobic windshield coatings on driver visual performance by